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December 6, 2022

Give your clients the best shopping experience with the KatanaPIM & Brandfolder integration

Give your clients the best shopping experience with the KatanaPIM & Brandfolder integration

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Give your clients the best shopping experience with the KatanaPIM & Brandfolder integration

Regardless of what kind of products your company sells, images and descriptions are the primary elements you need to showcase your collections on your online selling channels.

Get your product information together and scale your business

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Combine PIM and DAM for amazing shopping experiences

Selling products involves handling a lot of different types of information and assets, like pictures, videos, logos, product names, detailed descriptions, and more.

Managing all this information can be really challenging, especially if it's not all kept in one place. It can be very time-consuming for your team to find the right picture or update information for a specific product. This process is not only a potential waste of time but also crucial for your business, as the information about your products greatly influences what customers choose to buy.

So, what's the best way to handle all these different pieces of information? You could do it by hand, but that risks making important mistakes. A better solution is to use software that can automate many of these tasks. This helps maintain the quality of your brand and makes your team more efficient. Let's look at what these tools are and how they can benefit your business.

What is the difference between PIM and DAM?

PIM: the single source of truth for your product information

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of managing the information needed to market your products on your different distribution channels. A PIM solution is a tool that works as a single source of truth for your product information. It helps your company easily collect, enrich and validate your product data and efficiently distribute the right information to your different sales channels, resellers, partners, and catalogs.

DAM: a centralized place for all your digital assets

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a software system designed to centrally store and manage your company’s digital content. A centralized DAM solution provides internal and external stakeholders controlled access to all their digital assets including photographs, images, creative files, video, audio, presentation decks, documents, and much more. Most importantly, DAM systems provide a way to increase campaign productivity and ensure brand consistency.

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Benefits of PIM & DAM combined

By working hand in hand to make your company’s life easy, PIM and DAM help collect, manage, validate, enrich and distribute information relating to millions of products. Used as single sources of truth for your assets, these solutions bring valuable benefits to your business, your team, and your clients.

Centralization & synchronization

The connection with KatanaPIM and Brandfolder lets you experience the best of what a PIM and DAM have to offer, working as a fully integrated solution. The integration of both systems into your IT infrastructure delivers an immediate synchronization of all media assets from the DAM into the PIM and all your other software (ERP, WMS, POS) and vice versa. Having centralized and synchronized product information and pictures, makes you gain complete control of these assets, and helps you make sure that you share the correct information across your infrastructure and sales channels.

Enhanced team productivity

The people that benefit from working with PIM and DAM are surely the marketing and sales teams and everybody that works closely with digital assets and product data. With all information stored in a single place, where it is meant to be, teams significantly reduce duplicated data entry, effort, and manual errors. Finding the photo they need to market a product, or important missing data required to launch a collection becomes way easier thanks to advanced filtering options included in KatanaPIM and Brandfolder. Moreover, thanks to organized workflows and task assignation, colleagues can work together in creating compelling product descriptions and make sure that all missing information is completed and enriched. By releasing hurdles and headaches, PIM and DAM give your teams the best way to collaborate and bring your product information to the next level.

Consistency across channels

By letting the data in the centralized solutions lead at all times, and by synchronizing KatanaPIM and Brandfolder with your channels, the result is a distribution of consistent information across webshops, marketplaces, resellers, and print catalogs. This means that shoppers will find the same information about your products despite the channel they are shopping on. Sharing consistent visuals and complete and accurate descriptions across channels is a great way to increase and strengthen your brand identity and make your company stand out among your competitors.

Fast product launches

Team collaboration, reduction of manual work, and automation lead to a more effective way of working: importing, editing, enriching, and distributing your product data can be done in a few hours instead of months, thanks to the help of KatanaPIM and Brandfolder. This whole new workflow drastically reduces your time-to-market. Launching your products faster means you have more time to focus your attention and your resources on important tasks like growing your catalog and reaching more customers. With these centralized solutions, expanding your client range and sales channels becomes easy: with multistore and multilingual options, you can manage your channel-specific information right from the PIM or DAM platform, and make sure it gets synchronized and shared correctly in a matter of minutes.

Improved customer experience

Undoubtedly, your customers also benefit from this automated and improved product information and digital assets management. By finding complete descriptions and high-quality images and videos on their favorite shopping channel, they will know exactly what they are buying. Customer satisfaction leads to better reviews, a great source that helps you achieve even more clients. Correct and comprehensive data helps you properly inform your customer about their purchase, leading to a significantly reduced return rate. 

Best of breed meets a one-stop-shop feeling!

The power of Brandfolder DAM and KatanaPIM comes from two separate companies that have the goal of helping their clients grow. Both are developing solutions to become the best they can be in their own area of expertise. With this technical integration your marketing, ecommerce, and content team have more time to focus on building your brand and enhancing the quality of their work. 

The collaboration between the teams of Brandfolder and KatanaPIM from onboarding, success managers, and support ensures a smooth onboarding, a quick go-live, and a long-lasting partnership.

The Brandfolder solution is such an easy-to-use and easy-to-master solution, with all the features you expect from a DAM and more. The way we are combining the strengths of both platforms is such a powerful solution I am so very proud of. That, in a combination of getting to know the Brandfolder team and working together with them, is like an extension of our KatanaPIM team.
Raoul Straathof, Commercial manager | KatanaPIM

About Brandfolder

An industry leader in Digital Asset Management software, Brandfolder delivers a platform that is as intuitive for users as it is powerful for admins, to easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings. With best-in-class services, support, security, and scalability, Brandfolder helps global brands create compelling, timely, and consistent brand experiences with unparalleled efficiency and speed. 

About KatanaPIM

KatanaPIM is the single source of truth for product information that helps brands, wholesalers, and retailers easily collect and enrich and validate their product data and efficiently distribute correct and consistent information to their different sales channels. Implementing a PIM tool allows companies to streamline and automate internal processes and makes product information management and product launches quick & easy.

Get your product information together and scale your business

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Get your product information together and scale your business

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